Heidemann Abbruch GmbH

The Heidemann Abbruch GmbH carries out ordinary demolition jobs and the demolition of industrial plants. Our services also cover maintenance, renovation, gutting and dismantling, partial demolition and drilling holes into concrete.
We particularly focus on the removal of contaminated material according to the hazardous substances regulations (TRGS 519, 521, 524).

Heidemann Abbruch GmbH is a member of the Deutscher Abbruchverband e.V (German Association of Demolition Firms).

We plan and carry out your demolition jobs.
We plan and carry out your demolition jobs.
Heidemann Abbruch GmbH....

offers nation-wide services in the fields of partial demolition, demolition of industrial plants, gutting, dismantling, de-paving of sealed surfaces and removal of contaminated material.

Whether a detached house, a multi-storey building, or an industrial complex is to be demolished – we find the optimal solution.
Our qualified staff and field-tested machinery guarantee the correct execution of your order on schedule.

Since we put high emphasis on health and safety at work and on the protection of the environment, any demolition task is planned in such a way that noise, strong vibrations and dust are reduced to a minimum and contaminated materials can be properly removed and disposed of.

Essential for a properly organised demolition: the demolition directive