Kreislaufwirtschaft Stade GmbH

Kreislaufwirtschaft Stade GmbH operates two on-site plants for the processing of commercial and building-site waste, wood and bulky waste.
The company was founded by the firms Stader Gehwegreinigung GmbH, Karl Meyer AG and Heidemann Recycling GmbH.
It is certified as a waste disposal and recycling specialist according to the German Recycling and Waste Act (KrW-/AbfG) and also member of the waste disposal association Entsorgergemeinschaft Niedersachsen und Bremen e.V..


View of the manual screening in our wood processing hall.
View of the manual screening in our wood processing hall.
On our site in Düdenbüttel we accept and process commercial, building-site and bulky waste and waste wood, in particular contaminated wood up to category AIV, as well as uniform batches. For those purposes we run two stationary processing plants.
Our highly efficient screening plant separates mixed waste and thus extracts secondary raw materials such as metals, plastic, paper, stones and substitute fuel.. Waste wood is cleared of metal and shredded in our shredding plant. Thus we produce CO²-neutral fuel.

The screening plant was developed and built by the construction team of our partner Heidemann Recycling GmbH and has been operating in Düdenbüttel since 1995.